Colorful in Its Own Way

Some people talk about winter being so colorless. Not so, if you know how to look.

I had a friend, sadly now deceased, who pointed out that otherwise bland scenes have many shades of color. And that’s true. Just outside my back window there are dead leaves, bare dirt, trees and bushes (now bare of their leaves), a fence, a bench, a woodpile of logs and sawdust… I counted more than 10 shades of brown.

The river is likewise fairly monochromatic, but look again closer. Every so often nature throws in something brighter and unexpected.

What about life? Is it relatively dull? Look for the color, both the shades of the same color and the unexpected colors.

What Will Come from This?

There had been very heavy frost in the night. When I looked out I couldn’t tell if it was frost or snow, so I took my phone and went outside to explore.

This is the same stump that the woodpecker attacked a couple years prior to this. The chunks he tore away left places that allowed the weather to speed the deterioration.

When we lived somewhere else, we had another stump that rotted like this. Eventually I built a flower bed over it to keep people from stepping where the roots were also rotting beneath the ground. One day I had just finished “tidying” the bed when I noticed a big bumblebee hovering near my left ear. He seemed to be looking at the bed with me. I suspect the hive was in the gaps in the old root system.

From death and deterioration there can come new life.

Dig for It!

I heard hammering outdoors and thought it might be a woodpecker. We’d had downy woodpeckers before but the hammering was louder this time. Still, I wasn’t prepared for the size of this pileated woodpecker!

He had found the old maple stump and was ripping it to shreds. Chunks of bark and wood were flying everywhere. He worked all morning on that stump. He’d chop, fling, and dig until he got what he wanted and all of what he wanted.

Sometimes we must dig for what we want.

Do you see the "leaves"?

I was out prowling for pictures. I stepped off the curb and saw this huge leaf just lying there on the pavement. I leaned over to look at it. I was amazed at the size- about 8 or 9 inches across. Then I noticed the color combination. So I snapped the picture.

If I had just been out for a walk in the neighborhood I might not have noticed the leaf. But because I was actively looking for pictures, I saw it right away.

How often does that happen with other things? Don’t we all miss opportunities because we aren’t looking for them? That’s a good reason to make goals and keep them updated. If we have goals stated clearly we increase our chances of seeing and acting on the opportunities to fulfill them.

First Steps!

This is going to be a learning experience for me! I just learned how to insert a photo in a post. Now if I can remember how to do it the next time.

Today’s picture is an invitation to my readers. There are many places to sit here. See the picnic tables there? And there are open benches. There is always the grass- fresh but dry today. Go ahead and sprawl and rest. I’m hoping the pictures and comments I post in the weeks to come will give you something to consider… or at least say “Hmm”.

Enough for now. First steps- a paragraph or 2 and a picture.

To Begin

Welcome to my new blog.

This is a Toastmasters project in a Toastmasters International Pathways learning program Path. The project is to set up a blog site and post to it 8 times in a month. I’ll be posting Wednesday and Friday. I’ll be posting a picture with a comment or story about it. I have enough to post for at least 2 months. After that, we’ll see what happens.

The photos are … well, a little different. They are of things that looked interesting to me. I hope you will like them.

Please leave comments. I want to know what you think.

Rita January 17. 2020.